Good News To All People

Good News To All People is a mission organization dedicated to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached people in the 10/40 window. Evangelist’s Marcus and Hanna Bloom, Tobias Almhill and Daniel Kanat work side-by-side to win millions of people for heaven.

We are a team of Evangelists

Good News To All People (GNTAP) is a mission organization founded by Marcus and Hanna Bloom in 2004. GNTAP is founded upon Matthew 24:14: “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” From the beginning only Marcus preached the gospel with Hanna as a helper. Slowly Hanna also started to preach and has now also become fully trained evangelist and missionary. Through the years Marcus has helped and trained several other evangelists, two of them are; Tobias Almhill and Daniel Kanat. Today Good News To All People consists of four evangelists: Marcus and Hanna Bloom, Tobias Almhill and Daniel Kanat, who work side by side to reach out with the transforming message of Jesus Christ. We are a team of evangelists!

Our vision - Vision 16

Vision 16 makes our dream at winning millions of people for heaven possible. Vision 16 is a plan concretely making sixteen harvesting campaigns and Fire Conferences per year in unreached places in the 10/40 Window – from West Africa in the west to Japan in the east. In this 10/40 window according to Joshua Project there are today 2.9 billion unreached people. Read more about the 10/40 window here:

Our Fourfold Strategy

Good News To All People has a dream to win millions of people before Jesus returns. We are focused on and passionately pursuing Vision 16 –conducting sixteen Gospel Campaigns and Fire Conferences every year among unreached people. Our strategy is fourfold:

  1. Gospel Campaigns
  2. Fire Conferences
  3. Book Distribution
  4. Team Trips

This strategy has be tried and tested and has proven to be very fruitful. Our Gospel Campaigns reach the multitudes and the miracles demonstrate the power of God to whole cities. Our Fire Conferences mobilize local leaders to inspire and equip them to reach their own cites and villages. During our conferences we give each leader, pastor and evangelist a copy of Marcus’ book, “The Final Lap of the Great Commission” (in their own language). This strategy is bearing fruit: new churches are being planted and evangelists and missionaries are called into ministry.

In addition, as often as possible, we invite a team of believers and ministers to join us on a mission outreach. On the fields of evangelism they are contaminated by what I call, “The Mission Virus.” This “virus” causes ordinary people to dream about missions and their part in reaching the lost. These team members are given opportunities to “step out” into their personal mission calling and they have proven to have a great impact upon the lives of those who join us.

Gospel Campaigns

To successfully conduct Gospel Campaigns, which often reach tens of thousands of lost people, GNTAP always invites the cooperation of all the local churches and believers in every place we minister. We engage a local coordinator who works to unite the people of God and organizes committees to be responsible for advertisement, sound, light, intercession etc. Then the entire city and surrounding villages are invited to the Gospel Campaign. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is typically presented for four nights with accompanying signs and wonders. Testimonies of miracles are then presented before the people as a sign that the Gospel is true and that Jesus is alive today.

A very important part of every Gospel Campaign is the bridge that is built from the moment a person receives salvation to follow up and discipleship of the new believers. Every person seeking salvation in our Gospel Campaigns completes a follow up card. The local churches reach out to the new converts with the goal of personally visiting each one and inviting them to visit their church. Statistics from our follow up work show that a high percentage of new converts become an active and living part of a local church.

Fire conferences

In conjunction with every Gospel Campaign, GNTAP conducts an inspiring and faith building Fire Conference. We call them Fire Conferences because the purpose of these meetings is for every leader to experience the fire, power and anointing of the Holy Spirit we read about in Acts chapter two. The local believers are the true heroes and the most important building blocks in the work of reaching the unreached. In these conferences a passion for the lost is released and multiplied to the local church.

GNTAP has only one longing, that through love and the preaching of the Word we will minister to people. Through our seminar local believers and leaders receive encouragement and their faith becomes stronger, and the Holy Spirit’s anointing, power and fire is released. We have trained, ministered to, and equipped thousands of leaders, pastors and evangelists and in every place God confirms the preaching of the Word with fire and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Book Distribution

The need for anointed and faith-filled teaching concerning evangelization and pioneer missions, (in the form of a book in the leaders own language), is vitally important in the countries where GNTAP ministers. When we realized this great need we began to pray and ask God for a solution. One day, when Marcus was preaching in a Fire Conference in Tanzania, the Spirit of God came upon him and showed him a vision. In the vision Marcus saw the book, “The Final Lap of the Great Commission.” God spoke to him to write this book and give it as a gift to leaders all over the world, wherever God would send Marcus and GNTAP.

As a respond to this appeal from God, Marcus wrote a book filled with inspiring and encouraging teaching about evangelization and missions encouraging believers to be a part of God’s great harvest work. His book, “The Final lap of the Great Commission” has been translated into the local languages and given free to leaders wherever Marcus and his team minister. GNTAP receives testimonies from leaders all over the world who share how this book has impacted their lives and ministries. If you would like to read “The Final lap of the Great Commission” you can download it free from our webpage.

Team trips

More workers are always needed on the mission field. Jesus said in Matthew 9:37-38: “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” GNTAP invites you to join their mission team where you will see and experience first-hand, multitudes receiving salvation, miracles of healing and deliverance, just like you read about in the Book of Acts. Team Trips are life changing!

GNTAP’s vision and prayer is to assist, train, and release hundreds of missionaries. Many of our team members have already been trained and released as evangelists, teachers, missionaries, worshipers, and more. Our Team Trips are an effective way of multiplying the number of harvest workers and raising up missionaries.