Good News To All People is a mission organization that preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached peoples in Asia. We have a dream to win five million of souls for the kingdom of heaven and to ignite and train an army of 100 000 gospel workers for Jesus. Together we can fulfil the church greatest mission - The Great Commission!

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Marcus & Hanna Bloom

The evangelists and leaders of the Good News To All People, Marcus and Hanna Bloom, have preached the Gospel together to hundreds of thousands of people in Africa and Asia since they married in 2002. They are consumed with a passion to see the Great Commission fulfilled that Jesus can come back…


Darkness is scattered in Bangladesh

Threats from Muslims. Competition with the Hindu festival. Compact spiritual darkness. Large swirling swarms of insects. Noone sings the song of praise as they have never heard any worship before. Big, brown and staring eyes. Moist and sticky air. Minimal response during the preaching. This is a campaign among the unreached! For each word we preach, however, we experience how the darkness goes away and the light takes over.


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The most important mission of the church is to evangelize the whole world before Jesus returns. The entire harvest field must be harvested. All workers are needed in this great harvest work.

Marcus Bloom

Salvation decisions for Jesus Christ:
723 646
Gospel workers trained:
13 370

Women of Worth

Do you long for as a woman to be used by God? Here at WOW – “Women of Worth” I share with you inspiring, encouraging and challenging teachings that speak especially to you as a woman. God needs and wants to use everyone, including us women. You are precious in the hands of our heavenly Father and He has great plans for your life…

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The Final lap of the Great Commission

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