Marcus & Hanna Bloom

Marcus och Hanna Bloom, evangelists and leaders of the mission organization Good News To All People, have preached the Gospel together to hundreds of thousands of people in Africa and Asia. They are passionate to see millions of people saved and the Great Commission fulfilled.

A couple in the Lord's service

Marcus and Hanna’s life together began when they married in 2002. Their passion and fire for the lost compelled them to take several mission trips to Kenya, Indonesia and South Asia. They preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ in small campaigns, in villages, in churches, and wherever they preached people were saved, healed, delivered and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Married for just a little more than one year, they both experienced the voice of God telling them to move to South Asia and to live and work as missionaries. In 2004 they quit their jobs, sold most of their personal possessions and moved to South Asia. At that time they started their mission organization, Good News To All People.

In South Asia they preached the Gospel and God confirmed His Word with signs and wonders. More than 10,000 people received salvation and there were more than 1,000 documented healing miracles. During this time in South Asia the revelation that the ministry of Jesus truly is the same today as when He ministered on earth in the power of the Holy Spirit became ALIVE in them. They began serving God as missionaries with the world as their harvest field.

Experiencing God working with them and though them, and seeing people transformed by the Gospel, their zeal and devotion to give the rest of their lives to missions increased. The vision to reach and win millions of unreached people became the passion of their souls. Slowly trust before God and with people was built, and today both Marcus and Hanna are working fulltime in their ministry Good News To All People. Many prophesies they received revealed that their work would not be easy, but very glorious.

With their eyes fixed on Jesus and on the heavenly vision together they are running the final lap of the Great Commission. Wherever they travel and are invited to minister, they passionately preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and minister to people with the love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Additionally, their focus has broadened to also inspire and train missionaries and Gospel workers to work in the great harvest fields. To accomplish this, they conduct Fire Conferences; distribute their book to pastors and leaders, hold team trips with outreaches, train new evangelists, conduct both women’s meetings and mission conferences to raise up an army of workers.

Marcus Bloom

Marcus grew up in a Christian family in a small city in Sweden. He believed in God but didn’t commit his life to Christ until the age of sixteen when he received Christ as his Savior. Two years later he was baptized in an ocean outside Sweden. Yet it wasn’t until Marcus was in his twenties that he met Christians who were on fire for Jesus. He was impacted by their devotion and began longing for the baptism in the Holy Spirit. In April 1999 his prayer and longing was answered and he experienced the baptism into the Holy Spirit and fire. Upon discovering and encountering the power and presence of God, his previous plans of becoming an engineer disappeared. He didn’t want to do anything else with his life other share the message of Jesus Christ to the uttermost parts of the world.

Marcus’ longing to serve God led him to New Generation, a Pentecostal Bible school in Malmo, south of Sweden. Here he met the Swedish evangelist Johannes Amritzer and traveled with him as his disciple. During his time with Johannes God spoke to Marcus: “I have called you to be an evangelist to the uttermost part of the world.” Next, Marcus traveled to London, to Kensington Temple’s Bible College, a Bible school with a focus on missions and with students attending from 100 different nations. After just two weeks at the Bible school Marcus had the privilege to lead the prayer meetings where the entire student body was gathered. This became a training ground for him to minister in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God often gave Marcus prophetic messages and many students were filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Some of his friends from Africa told Marcus about the German Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. They told Marcus: “You are like Reinhard Bonnke, you must meet him”. After contacting Reinhard via email Marcus had the privilege of meeting Reinhard and later came along on one of his mission trips to Nigeria. Reinhard told Marcus: “I see the same calling in you as God has given to me. Be bold, go out and preach the Gospel. I can help you up in the saddle but you must ride yourself.”

The experience of seeing over two million people receive Jesus as their Savior during that week in Nigeria made a deep impression upon Marcus. There, alone in his simple hotel room with spiders, lizards and a shower with rusty water, in tears before God’s face, Marcus committed his life totally to the calling of God. He made the decision that preaching the Gospel, just like Reinhard Bonnke, would be his life’s great passion and mission. From this life changing experience in Africa until today’s world wide Gospel ministry, Marcus has lead a half a million people to salvation in Christ and witnessed thousands of people healed, delivered and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Thousands of new Gospel workers have been inspired and trained to do the work of an evangelist through Marcus’ life and ministry. This is the beginning and now he looks forward, together with his wife Hanna, to finish the final lap of the Great Commission, which will bring them to many dark and unreached places in the coming years.

Hanna Bloom

Just like Marcus, Hanna also grew up in a Christian family. Hanna describes her teenage years as trouble-free. She spent her time with her Christian friends and attended church at night and on the weekends. After graduating from high school she moved to the city of Kalmar in Sweden, to do what she had planned for many years, study to become a civil economist, but God had other plans. At the University in Kalmar, Hanna contacted a small prayer group made up of students who really loved the Lord. They met regularly in their homes to pray, read the Bible and worshiped together. This was something new to her. These new friends really experienced Jesus in their everyday life.

Even though Hanna practically grew up in church, for the very first time in her life she realized she could have a personal relationship with Jesus and that He had a plan for her. With this new insight Hanna started to long and hunger for more of God and for the life He had planned for her. After spending the summer with her family she returned to Kalmar to begin her second year at the University; however Hanna noticed that her passion for education had faded. Hanna often went for long prayer walks to be along with Jesus so she could pour out her heart and longing to Him. For several weeks, during these prayer walks, the word “missions” came to her mind and every time it happened she started to cry. After some time Hanna finally realized that God was trying to tell her something. One day she decided to stay home from the University to pray and fast, desperate to find out what God had planned for her future. The very same morning, on her knees in the small student room where she lived, she heard the calling of God to go to the mission field and immediately she said “Yes!”

Events began to quickly unfold. In a short matter of time Hanna quit the university and together with one of her friends traveled to South Asia. When they arrived God directly opened a door for them to both teach and lead worship in a small church. Hanna’s heart was profoundly touched there in South Asia where she had an experience that marked her for life. Hanna and her friend were invited to preach in a school in the village where they lived. Neither Hanna nor her friend had been to Bible school, their English was not very good and they had never preached the Gospel before. But their hearts ached for theses students to hear about the same Jesus that had transformed their lives.

They prepared a short sermon from John 3:16 and went to the school. They were in for a shock. When the principle opened the door to the big hall these two young woman saw more than five hundred students gathered, sitting totally quiet watching every move they made. Neither Hanna nor her friend had ever spoken to that many people at once, especially not in English. Nervously they walked through the crowd up onto the stage. When the time came to preach all nervousness had been exchanged for a boldness only God can give. They shared the message they had prepared and made an invitation for salvation. Six Hindu girls responded and prayed the prayer of salvation with tears rolling down their cheeks. That night Hanna couldn’t sleep. Everything she had experienced in the past did not compare with bringing people to Jesus. Here she was, a simple twenty-year-old woman with poor English, no education, no money, no Bible school training, but still God used her for a work that will echo into eternity. That night Hanna realized there was no turning back. She dedicated the rest of her life to be obedient to the heavenly calling to preach about Jesus on the mission field; a decision she has never regretted.