Let us present our fantastic coworkers in Good News To All People: The evangelists Tobias Almhill and Daniel Kanat and the missionary couple Per-Magnus & Beatrice Schoultz. We are a team without heart, passion, focus and Vision - Vision 16. Teamwork makes the Dream work!

Tobias Almhill

From the very first day Tobias received Jesus he had a desire to tell others about Jesus. After traveling with GNTAP on several mission trips he joined our team of evangelists in 2014. He serves as our Africa director. Tobias lives in Huskvarna, south of Sweden with his wife Sophia, their son Elijah and his daughter Tindra.


Tobias grew up outside Jonkoping in the south of Sweden. With a Pentecostal pastor as a father, Tobias always attended church, believing in God was natural for him. However, this changed when he became a teenager. His faith became weak and no longer characterized his life. After more than ten years away from God and the church, penetrating thoughts about God and eternity, heaven and hell, filled his thoughts. Tobias understood that he was living in sin and felt lost and disconnect from God. Month after month he felt convicted of sin. Heaven and hell became a reality to him and for the first time he realized his need for salvation. Finally there was no other alternative than to kneel at the cross. As Tobias experienced the cross he received forgiveness and his anxiety and grief were exchanged for peace, joy and a burning longing to serve Jesus.

Not long after this encounter he began to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone he met. He attending a newly founded church, Jonkoping International Church and served as the youth leader helping to build a youth work from scratch. It was also here that he started to preach, something that had been totally unthinkable one year before due to his fear of speaking in front of people. Tobias realized that God had a bigger plan for his life. Through a mutual friend he was introduced to Marcus and Hanna Bloom and he went with them on several mission trips to Africa and Asia. The first time he preached the Gospel was in Kenya. He preached about the love of Jesus in a school for teenagers whose parents had all died of AIDS. When Tobias saw these teenagers receiving Jesus as their Savior he knew that this was what he was called to do.

Tobias had a revelation about how God’s heart breaks for the lost. He had a vision seeing people locked up in prisons and then the prison doors opened. The prisoners came home to their Father in heaven. He heard the voice of God: “Bring my children home!” This marked Tobias and now he travels as an evangelist with GNTAP.

Daniel Kanat

Daniel has a great passion for missions and has carried a dream to see unreached people and tribes receive Jesus. He has traveled and ministered with us on several mission trips. In 2014 he was welcomed as an evangelist in Good News To All People. Daniel lives in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden with his wife Alexandra and their three children Julia, Johannes and Jemima.

Daniel was known as a violent person and a fighter. One day he realized that his life could end suddenly and this made him seek God. When Daniel was eighteen years old he met Jesus in an open vision in his bedroom. From that day it became obvious to Daniel that God hears and answers prayers.

Some years later he heard a sermon about missions. The man who was preaching spoke with such commitment and conviction it gripped Daniel’s heart deeply. He couldn’t stop crying for two days. When he was later baptized into the Holy Spirit his calling for missions became stronger. He began getting dreams and visions about different people and people groups. In the beginning he didn’t understand the dreams because he lived in Sweden. But one weekend his church had a visit from Marcus and Hanna Bloom; and through their lives and preaching Daniel could see and understand his own calling to missions. The dreams about missions increased and he received several prophetic words. Finally Daniel realized that world missions was God’s will for his life.

Daniel’s first mission was to South Sudan. The trip and the circumstances were very difficult, however, when he saw people saved and healed all the hardships disappeared. Now, to reach out to the dark places where people are broken is his greatest passion.

Per-Magnus & Beatrice Schoultz

Both Magnus and Beatrice grew up in Christian families and made the decision to follow Jesus early in their childhood. At the age of eleven Per-Magnus read Romans 10:9 and confessed Jesus as Lord. One week later he was baptized. The house church where Per-Magnus was a member, often had visiting missionaries come and share their stories. Hearing these stories, something burned in his heart and he thought, “I also want to do what they do.” Beatrice longed to serve Jesus and was baptized as an eight year old girl. When the pastor preached about the baptism his message spoke seriously to her little heart. Baptism was a proof that you were serious about following Jesus and Beatrice didn’t want anything else but to give her whole life to Him. At the time of her baptism she experienced a calling to the mission field.

The calling has led this couple in all of their decisions. They met in Bible school in Stockholm and after one year in Bible school they moved to Ethiopia. There they spent six months building a mission base and preparing for a Gospel Campaign. During their time in Ethiopia God brought them together. It didn’t take long before they realized they shared the same heart for missions.

In spite of their calling to missions, their fire faded when they went through a difficult season in their lives. But when they made the choice to deal with the root of their problem the Lord restored them. In a very brief time they both found new jobs, bought a house, and the Holy Spirit led them to join a new church where they immediately began to serve in ministry. The church they attend is a partner with GNTAP.

The mission fire once again lit in their hearts after they heard Marcus and Hanna Bloom preach. They decided to go join a GNTAP mission trip to Uganda and there they were infected with the mission virus. It didn’t take long until God started to make His will known, and Per-Magnus & Beatrice became a part of GNTAP helping in the work in Africa by planning and preparing Gospel Campaigns, team evangelization, preaching and other practical service.